Time to go bananas with the Ape Troop NFT Farm and Single-sided staking.

That’s right it is time to party like It’s 1999 baby! We have finally released our first collection of NFT’s and they are ready for the $TROOP #FAMZ to get in stake and claim, whilst they are hot!

Our NFT farm has been released on the Unifty.io platform. Just make sure when you connect you are already on the Binance Smart Chain so you can view the correct farm.


As you know we are bananas about NFT’s so we wanted to release some very cool artwork that the $TROOP can easily obtain through single-sided staking of our $TROOP token. When we say single-sided we mean that you ONLY need the $TROOP token to participate in NFT farming and you do not need to supply liquidity into the liquidity pool to participate.

As we progress more collections will be added and we will even add some Super Rare NFT’s that can be redeemed for Official Ape Troop merch such as T-shirts and other physical items so stay tuned for these developments.

When you stake your $TROOP in our NFT Farm you will be rewarded with points that are required to redeem the NFT’s basically, the more points it costs to redeem an NFT the rarer that NFT is.

Ape Troop NFT FARM — Staking Amounts:
Min — 20,000 $TROOP
Max — 2,000,000,000,000 $TROOP

Staking the maximum amount of $TROOP will create approx. 2,000,000,000,000 points every day.

All points that are generated within our NFT Farm are non-transferable which means you cannot combine them and cheat the system.

When you are finished farming NFT’s you can unstake your $TROOP and have the $TROOP tokens returned to your wallet, you will only need to pay gas fees.


Syzygy what? Well, #APES if you didn't already know that is actually a word.

syzygy • \SIZ-uh-jee\ • noun. : the nearly straight-line configuration of three celestial bodies (such as the sun, moon, and earth during a solar or lunar eclipse) in a gravitational system. Examples: The full moon and new moon phenomena occur when the earth, sun, and moon are in syzygy.

Since we are a $TROOP of #APES on a Moon Mission we thought it was fitting to create a series that pays homage to the one place all #APES and #DEGENS are striving to go and that is The MOON!

We have had a very talented artist create our first NFT collection, this collection has 10 unique NFT’s that will be available over the course of a short period of time, each NFT will have a maximum of 50 that can ever be minted.

The below 2 NFT’s are the first in the collection and as we progress we will release the rest for farming, we will look to add 2 more NFT’s after the first 7 days of farming.



How to farm our NFT’s

All testing for NFT farming was completed on a desktop PC, it is recommended to use a desktop PC for all NFT farming. You may be able to use a mobile device but to date, it has not been tested.

Step 1 — Navigate to our NFT farm located here — https://unifty.io/bsc/farm-view.html?address=0x67d9A0F48D3f316DaBDB9Cd6ac0AC9938C97570E

Step 2 — Ensure you are connected to the Binance Smart Chain

How to Stake your $TROOP to earn points to redeem NFT’s

Step 3 — Click on “Staking Options”
Step 4 — Click on “Stake”

Step 5— Enter the amount you want to Stake and then click on Click on “Stake”

Staking Amounts:
Min — 20,000
Max — 2,000,000,000,000

Staking the maximum amount of $TROOP will create approx. 2,000,000,000,000 points every day.

Step 6 — Confirm the transaction in Metamask
Step 7 — Your $TROOP is now generating platform points that you can use to redeem our amazing NFT’s

Please note: The tokens used in single sided NFT staking cannot accrue $TROOP reflective rewards. You must unstake your $TROOP from the NFT farm to start accruing $TROOP rewards again.

How to claim/redeem an NFT

Once you have accrued enough platform points just click on the Redeem button sign and sign the transaction in metamask and your NFT will be minted directly to your BEP20 address. As always there will be gas fees associated with all transactions across the Binance Smart Chain.

How to Unstake your $TROOP

Once you have finished farming the NFT’s you would like you can just unstake your $TROOP and it will be returned back to your BEP20 wallet address.

Step 1— Click on “Staking Options”
Step 2— Click on “Unstake”

Step 3— Click on “Unstake”
Step 4—
Enter the amount you want to Unstake and then click on “Unstake”

Step 5 — Confirm the transaction in Metamask

If you have any issues please be sure to ask your questions on our official telegram group t.me/ApeTroop

Important links:

Website: https://apetroop.io/
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/ApeTroop
Telegram Group: https://t.me/ApeTroop
Telegram Ann: https://t.me/ApeTroopAnn
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ApeTroop



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On a Moon Mission for Humanity! When you HODL $TROOP you choose the charities we support while you earn passively with our reflective staking mechanisms.