APE’S Are you ready? $TROOP Launch Inbound — July 1st

Ape Troop is jacked to the max and almost ready to fire those rockets up for our #Moon #Mission with $TROOP. We will cover our launch plan briefly below.

$TROOP Presale Plan — July 1st 2021:

Round 1 — Contributions for $TROOP

1:30 pm UTC — We will close Round 1. Anyone who was chosen in round 1 that DID NOT contribute on time will NOT be able to contribute in the next round and will have forfeited their spots.

Round 2 — Contributions for $TROOP

2 pm UTC — Contributions will be closed.

IF we need to add further rounds, we will make that assessment when the time comes.

All systems go…Cleared for Launch!

3 pm UTC — We plan to add liquidity into the V2 Pancakeswap pool while anti-bot and anti whale features are enforced. There will be decoy contracts that are there to trick those trying to bot and snipe our listing. Anyone who purchases from a decoy contract WILL NOT have their BNB refunded. So you must wait for the official contract to be released from us BEFORE buying.

3:01 pm UTC — We will announce our contract, DEXTools link, and the anti whale features we have in place because we will have MAX transaction limits enforced to avoid anyone buying huge amounts of $TROOP in 1 transaction. Shortly after, we will lock our liquidity for 3 months via a 3rd party provider such as Unicrypt or DX SALE.

3:10 pm UTC — We will start sending all presale participants tokens out in batches. The reason why we will not distribute the tokens before launch is because we do not want anyone adding liquidity into the pool before we do, as we have our predetermined listing price of 1BNB=10,000,000,000,000 $TROOP.

Shortly after the launch, our website will be updated with the appropriate links to DEXTools, BSCscan and Pancakeswap.

We will not be renouncing the contract immediately after the token distribution because we will have the anti whale and anti-bot features on our contract for a short time this will ensure fair token distribution for all $TROOP HODLERS. Therefore, those features will need to be removed before renouncing. We will keep everyone updated as to when the contract will be renounced.

Once our ownership has been renounced, we will have RD Auditors conduct a post-audit on our smart contract to confirm that everything is 100% SAFU.

Read our previous story here: https://apetroop.medium.com/ape-troop-on-a-moon-mission-for-humanity-through-blockchain-incentivized-staking-nfts-ede1b0f50088

Important links:

On a Moon Mission for Humanity! When you HODL $TROOP you choose the charities we support while you earn passively with our reflective staking mechanisms.